New York Style Pizza in Denver

Pizza by the slice. A true New York style pizza has a thin crust, much thinner than the ordinary pizzas we see today. In addition New York style pizza is cooked well done so that the cheese turns to a golden brown color rather than retaining its original white color. Anything less than this is not a true New York pizza and should not be confused with the other American pizza styles.

Authentic new york pizza in denverIn Denver most pizzerias serve some type of variation of the New York style pizza. In many cases most pizzerias make a pizza that is neither as thin nor cooked as well done, but it resembles a New York style pizza. The first New York pizzas were simple and topped off with tomato sauce, cheese and basil leafs. Over time, new and unique toppings have been added. Still, one of the best pizzas around is the traditional New York style pizza which is commonly sold by the slice. Next time you are in the mood for pizza order a true New York style pizza and eat it like they do in New York, which is folded over long ways while it is still hot.

I was fortunate enough to have my first 'real' NY Style Pizza slice in Brooklyn, NY in the summer of 2001. My business partner Jeff (He is a native New Yorker) and I were in New York for some high-level meetings. We stayed with one of Jeff's old college roommates in Brooklyn and they both recommended the same restaurant when questioned about the best "New York Style Pizza." I am sorry the name escapes me, but I think it was Anthony's.

During summers of my college years I apprenticed as a long-haul truck driver and had been 'schooled' by the country's most informed and faithful 'eaters.' Small diners and 'greasy spoons' were very familiar to me so, an out of the way place in Brooklyn, New York like Anthony's was no surprise. The cook was just as you would imagine for a small "two man" restaurant. Both had on, what at one time, must have been white t-shirts. White paper hats added to the almost cartoon atmosphere. Jeff and I sat down at the other table. There were only two. I really figured Jeff was just putting me on and later we would go to the 'Best' Pizza restaurant in New York. I did not know I now was there.

For people who already know what 'real' New York style pizza is, no explanation is necessary, but for others who may have only sampled 'fast food delivery' or 'bowling alley' style pizza, the taste cannot be compared. Something happens to the flavor of cheese when it is 'browned' and fully cooked into a pizza instead of just allowed to melt on top. 

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